Thursday, 12 May 2016

Space Seeds Arrive

Space seeds

On Wednesday 20th of April last week we were just getting ready for P.E, and then we got to go out two at a time to plant our space seeds. I felt really excited and overjoyed that we got to plant our special seeds. First, we went outside and we had a spoon so that we could scoop soil with the spoon into our little pots.

Each person got to put soil in two pots each, I wouldn’t be able to count how many pots there were, but their were quite a few trays. The pots that I filled were in a bright yellow tray as bright as the sun, and the soil looked very cosy in the pots, it was like the soil was in a little bed sleeping.

A few days later when we were in maths we got called up table by table this time instead of two by two. I got to plant to seeds, but not at the same time. When our table got called up we each got a thin cloud white stick with a number on to put into the soil, we had a tiny pair of tweezers to pick up the seed. The seed was so tiny I could hardly see it, which made it very hard to pick up. It was like someone had put butter all over it, so it was very slippery and I kept on dropping it. Eventually, I got the seed into the soil. By this time, I still couldn’t believe that the seeds were from ISS (International Space Station). After, I had planted my first seed a few minutes later, we got called up to plant another seed. When we were planting our seeds, I forgot to actually plant the seed, because I had just put the stick with the number on and Miss Dawson had to call me back.

We were given two packs of seeds - a red one and a blue one. We don't know which pack has been on the ISS. Once we have sent off our results we will earn which of our seeds have been in space.

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