Friday, 12 February 2016

Year 6 Science Week Jigsaw Workshop

Year 6 were excellent group leaders, working with their buddy groups in our space-themed activities.  In our jigsaw workshop, the children re-created the process of a space walk, based on team work and communication.

A busy support team built a jigsaw one side of the screen, whilst our space walkers prepared themselves for their mission by putting on space gloves - very tricky to wear whilst handling small jigsaw pieces.  Each piece of the jigsaw had to be passed to the space walker with specific instructions as to where it should go.  After some trial and error the children worked out that a systematic approach worked best.  They thought carefully about the exact instructions they had to give to their space walkers and began to see just how specific and patient they had to be .

Out year 6 children were excellent role-models to the younger children, guiding them through the tasks with patience and team spirit.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

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