Thursday, 11 February 2016

What the children had to say!

Here are some of the messages sent to me by email this afternoon:

I loved creating my own astronaut suit and creating our own news report. 
I can’t wait to go into the dome with my class. I never knew some of the facts that Mad Science told us. Thank you for Science week it was the best week in my life.THANK YOU!!!!!!

I am loving science week so far.  I can't wait until we go into the amazing planetarium.

I enjoyed the balloon race the best in Science Week because I got to pump up the

I loved science week my best activity was when we  were in are buddy group all day it was so fun because we got to do loads of things

Thank you for our science week, I loved every part of it. I especially liked Tuesday when we did things with our buddy groups and went into different classrooms. My favourite classroom was Miss Martin's and we did rocket designing and I got to video it.
I wish every week was science week, I don't want it to end.  I love science

I have loved science week and I can't wait for the planetarium

I loved the activities we did in buddy groups I had no idea that meteorites made craters on the moon. I learned a lot I liked the mad scientists too.It has been the best week and I can't wait for the dome. I'm a bit upset that its almost over.

I loved science week and can't wait for the planetarium.

This week i have enjoyed going in the planetarium.  
Thank you for organising this week i have  really enjoyed myself

I have had an amazing week! My favourite day was Tuesday because we done fun activities. 
My favourite activity was the balloon race because we did fun races.

Thank you for the amazing week of science it has been so great and I have learnt so much. 
I have enjoyed all the activities.

I loved this week

Hello Mr Parascandolo, we would like to tell you how much we have enjoyed this week. It has all been excellent but our favourite part was the mad scientists as for one they were hilarious and second of all they were crackers we can’t wait to do the dome.  

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