Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Buddy Group Science - What a Success!

Buddy group science was an amazing success today. Our Year 6 leaders did an amazing job leading and guiding their groups. The team work and cooperation amongst the children was phenomenal. We were also visited by our Space Ambassador, Roger who answered many of the children's questions about space and rockets.
Here is a selection of highlights from the day.

Learning about space suits in the Reception classrooms. 
The children learnt about space suits and their special features. They designed space suits, created space logos and wrote letters of application to become astronauts. 
Who knows? Maybe the next British astronaut will be an OLOR pupil!

Learning about floating and sinking in the Year 1 classrooms. 
Super scientist were in action here. Predictions and theories about what might happen were made. These were tested and scientific conclusions were drawn. It was also great fun dropping objects into large containers of water!

Making Rocket Movies in the Year 2 classrooms
Creativity was buzzing here. Children were busy designing space backgrounds. Others were constructing rockets. Teams of actors were rehearsing amazing scripts. 

Testing Balloon Powered Rockets in Year 3
Teams of rocket scientists were hard at work in the Year 3 classrooms. They tested, evaluated and retested their straw rockets. The tension during the 'rocket races' when each group tested their most successful rocket was almost unbearable!

Investigating craters in Year 4
The scientists in Year 4 were busy making predictions about which of their 'meteorites' would make the biggest crater. Rulers were carefully positioned so that fair testing could be carried out. Predictions were made, meteorites were dropped and craters were carefully measured. 

Rocket construction in the Year 5 classrooms
Rockets were carefully constructed from strips of paper. Fins were skilfully added and the rockets were launched by blowing through straws. Great fun was had by all. 

Team work and Space Walking in the Year 6 classrooms
A simulated space walk was taking place in these classrooms. Astronauts went on a space walk behind large screens. Teams of builders and engineers passed pieces of a jigsaw to them with detailed instructions about the placement of each piece. The astronauts, wearing thick astronaut gloves, had to assemble the jigsaws correctly. 

Questions and answers with our Space Ambassador
The children had many questions for Roger. The most popular one being, 'How do astronauts go to the toilet?'  Roger explained how weightlessness affects astronauts bodies and what they have to do to counteract this. He explained why astronauts can't eat digestive biscuits. He was even able to give an estimate of the size of the 'flames' coming out of the back of the rocket during a launch. 

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  1. A great week. Lots of great feedback from the children. Thanks so much for arranging this.