Monday, 8 February 2016

3R find out about flight and rockets with Galactic Grace

After assembly we went into our classroom. First our scientist told us how paper aeroplanes act the same way as real aeroplanes but just using wind power. She showed us how if we changed the flaps at the back we could make the paper plane fly up or down. We can't wait to try this ourselves.
The fun bit was when she told us about centrifugal force. It makes things go up when you spin really fast. It made her pigtails fly up in the air when she spun around quickly. Cohen and then Aislin sat on a spinning plate and held a weight. Galactic Grace made them spin fast. When she told them to put their arms out they slowed down. When they pulled their arms in they went fast. We also had great fun racing balloon rockets.
The big event was when we all went outside for a real rocket launch. We had to go  on the field because it was really windy. We did a countdown and the rocket blasted off. It went really high in the sky. It was amazing!

by class 3R

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